Quality & Environment

1.3 1.3 Management

1.3.1 Quality and environmental management
EuroCoast Marine AB, for its business set up a process-based quality and environmental system according to the requirements of ISO 9001:2000 for quality management and ISO 14001:2004 for environmental management. Quality and environmental management systems are integrated in this Handbook.

2. Quality

2.1 Quality management system
EuroCoast Marine AB, for its business set up a quality management system in accordance with the requirements of ISO 9001:2000.
The quality management system covers all operations and is documented in this Manual.
The quality management system based on continuous improvement activities through monitoring the quality, deviation management and internal audits.

2.2 Customer Focus
The quality management system based on a customer focus.
Quality management ensures that customer requirements are determined, documented and met. Reconciliation and documentation of customer requirements is in contract review prior to ordering.
During the performance is the quality of our core processes that are measured and monitored. During the performance, we verify performance requirements through verification against the ordered goods or services. Final inspection validates the product or service towards the customer agreed performance criteria in the product or service.

2.3 Quality Policy
For the euro Coast Marine AB, quality means always doing the right from the start and to meet customer expectations for the product ordered. The basis of our quality work is being defined by the policy.
In the dialogue with our customers we are complying, in all our activities, their needs and expectations of the products and services we offer.
Before new products are included in the assortment, we will ensure that the market needs are and that they comply with applicable regulatory requirements. We select vendors so that good product quality and delivery capacity can be expected.
We should be as close as possible to meet requests from customers for product customization.Our customers must perceive the euro Coast Marine Ltd's delivery capacity to be very good.
We shall strive to continually improve and streamline our operations so that we can always offer competitive prices.

2.4 quality
2.4.1 Overall Quality
Our overall quality is to be in demand and professional company that is capable of complying with agreements entered into with the customer.
Monitoring of customer satisfaction is done through the call / inquiry with the customer.

2.4.2 Detailed Quality
In order to monitor and develop the business has established the following quality:
Quality objectives - Security of supply:
Our delivery time to customers in line with the promised time to 100 %.
Measuring quality deliveries:
Quality objective of security of supply is measured in terms of backordered order lines.

Monitoring is performed by the shipping costs for additional supplies.

Quality goals-0 fault at the transmission
At delivery of products and installed equipment, no objections exist.
Takes place at the next management meeting.


3.3 Environmental Policy
EuroCoast Marine AB in their activities seek to load on nature and the environment is reduced as far as possible in balance with quality and economy.
We shall provide products that are selected with regard to environmental aspects.
All our activities are based on applicable laws and regulations to our business.
Our own environmental work and our environmental management system is developed through continuous improvement.
All employees are in their daily work, responsible for environmental policy is followed.

3.4 Environmental Objectives
3.4.1 Cross-cutting
Our environmental objective is to be a company that is associated with an active environmental program.

3.4.2 Detailed environmental
Environmental targets - Product Selection
In 2008, compiling environmental facts about the products included in our product.

Environmental Targets - Transport
• Identify additional shipping charge in 2008 because of backordered products
• Reduce the number of extra transportation / freight costs incurred because of back orders

Monitoring of environmental objectives is ongoing throughout the year and discussed at management review.
To clarify how to achieve set targets is an action for the environment.
See governing documents.

5.3.3 Quality and environmental
Quality and environmental goals set by management and communicated to all employees. Monitoring is performed at the management review.
Quality objectives is a commitment to continual improvement of our own business internally and towards customers.
The environmental targets are formulated on the basis of environmental policy and related environmental review assessment of our environmental concerns. Environmental objectives will guide our own environmental performance.
Quality and environmental objectives should be measurable and consistent with quality and environmental policy.

5.4.2 Competence
Our expertise consists of qualified sales people with good technical understanding. Our capability is documented in the form of a skills matrix that includes formal training, work experience and specific qualifications.
During phases with the need for short-term reinforcement subcontractors. Requirements for training and a practical skill set in the contract review. Introduction of new employees and subcontractors is done by the responsible project manager.
Qualification of personnel based on the industry's requirements for the competence to perform different jobs.